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After 20 plus years of playing football, with the last ten of those years playing at the very top (NFL) 1976-1985, I really didn’t think life could get any better. I had confidence of going right into coaching in the NFL which was my whole life (or so I thought).

Walking into a prison against my wishes, only doing it as a favor for a friend of mine, my whole world was turned upside down. My whole world was not just turned upside down, but it was changed forever. My love for football was no longer my hearts first passion. Prison became my first love, after Christ.

The last 6 years of my NFL career, I spent my off seasons going into as many prisons as I could possibly enter. Not once did the thought hit me that I would live the rest of my life going in and out of prisons sharing the Good News that Christ forgives and He forgets all of our past.

Iv’e heard it said that Strength is for Serve’s…NOT for Status! Being blessed to play 6 years with the Oilers and 4 years with the Rams we’ve been able to use the relationships built over the years to take the Gospel to places it may never have been able to go before, Mike Barber Ministries is a 501c3 tax exempt ministry. I can truly say with all my heart that the NFL’s best can’t touch the joy and honor that I live in today. The last 30 years of walking into the worst of the worst to share the love of Christ has fulfilled me more than anything else.


#1 Ranked QB in TX Jr & Sr Year

All-State QB & Linebacker

31 Total TDs 1,489 Rushing Yards 2,329 Passing Yards

All-American White Oak HS ( only all American  in school history )

2x High School State Track Champ ( 120-yard hurdles & 440- yard relay)  

TX HS Football Hall Of Fame

2x All-American La Tech

NFL 1976-1985 (Oilers, Rams)

2,788 Career Receiving Yards

17 TDS

“ Attitude is 100% of all the success you will ever experience in life...who you surround yourself with is everything, and it starts with the right kind of Attitude ”


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